I have watched Beverly Brodsky for the past 20 years, serve as a world leader in promoting public understanding about the Near-Death Experience. She continuously through the years, has held inspirational community gatherings where experiencers can speak and be heard, and where the general public can learn about the often life-changing experiences people have near death.

She’s worked tirelessly to help present national conferences focusing on the Near-Death Experience.

Experiencers and non-experiencers join together to hear wonderful conference speakers and to informally get to know about dramatic, thought-provoking personal experiences of fellow attendees.

And Beverly has reached a large audience through her speaking – to large groups and conferences, and on television, radio, and the internet. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Beverly speak three times for the International Foundation for Survival Research. She is a compelling, very accessible, highly informative speaker, who educates while she inspires all who hear her.

Elizabeth E. McAdams, Ph.D.


International Foundation for Survival Research

The first IANDS Conference I attended was in 1995. It was a life-changing experience, as I met people who had personally had NDEs for the first time. Your sharing was particularly influential on me.

You were on an Experiencer Panel. I have never forgotten when you said you were mad at God and, when you got to heaven, you told him so. You especially couldn’t understand why the Holocaust had to happen, and wanted God to know you thought he should do a better job down here. You told us that you were then given an understanding that everything is fine and exactly the way it is supposed to be. You said that the explanation was very simple, and that you accepted its truth. Afterwards, a questioner asked what the explanation was. You responded that you were not allowed to bring the answer back with you, but you remembered it was very simple.

What you said on that Experiencer Panel touched me very deeply. I had been mad at God ever since my father died when I was eight. I just kept thinking I could do a better job, if I were God. When I heard you speak, I believed what you said. I believed that everything is OK. It has taken me 15 years to assimilate that, and I still struggle sometimes. But, I never forgot what you told us, and I never stopped believing you.

I also heard Haisley Long at that first conference. After hearing you and Haisley, I was convinced that near-death experiencers are the ones who have the knowledge and understanding that I am looking for. I have continued to attend conferences and study near-death experiencer’s explanations for the confusing issues of life and afterlife. I even wrote my doctoral dissertation on Profound Love as Revealed by Near-Death Experiences. Your sharing opened me to a whole new world of information and understanding, for which I am very grateful.

Thank you, Beverly, for sharing your experience with me and many.

Love and Blessings,

Ann Ellis, PhD

When we needed someone to pitch in to get our East San Diego County Chapter of IONS going Beverly volunteered to do so, and continued to be our leader there for some time. She helped carry out a major program at Marilyn Hall’s New Thought Church in Mission Valley for IONS, that involved her east county chapter, SANDIONS and our North County Chapter. and which was quite successful.
She has done a masterful job of organizing the San Diego IANDS chapter and for many years has continued to hold regular monthly meetings. Most recently, she helped to bring the National IANDS organization here for their annual conference at the Mission Valley Resort and helped put together the team of people that executed a fine Conference Program.
I worked with Beverly to help publicize this IANDS national conference and we were quite successful in getting some fine publicity. In the process I learned how efficient and pleasant she can be as we interviewed Charles Tart for a local journal and wrote up the interview’s questions and answers together.
She is a person who has mastered many aspects of life and is now in the process of sharing her knowledge and experience with the world.” December 13, 2009

John P. Falchi, CEO, J.P. Falchi & Associates

Beverly is a sincere and highly intuitive woman who has had profound insights into ways she can support others to enhance their lives.”

June 13, 2007 Joyce Kenyon, Owner & Director, Radiance Light & Power Co.