New Documentary on NDEs

Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 5:25 pm in Blogs

This video explores the commonalities of the Near Death Experience and its possible implications and meanings for us while we reside on this planet.  This delightful new documentary will move you and deepen your understanding of the subject. Antonio Lembo’s production features diverse voices of both experiencers and researchers, allowing the viewer to reach their own conclusions about this great mystery.

Featured in this film are:
Dr. Andrew Newburg, Andy Petro, Anita Moorjani, Barbara Whitfield, Beverly Brodsky, Cherie Sutherland, Colton Burpo, Dr. Huston Smith, PMH Atwater, David Bennett, Jeffrey Long, MD,  Dr. Kenneth Ring, Melvin Morse, MD, Raymond Moody, MD; Rebecca Martin, Jayne Smith, Dr. Jim Macartney, Lloyd Ruby, Mary Neal, MD; Naomi Lombard, Pim Van Lommel, MD;  PMH Atwater, Tami Close, Michaella Roser, and many more.


 NDE Documentary:  Commonalities of the Experience

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