Carribean Radio Show: 3 hours of Evidence for Survival of Consciousness

Posted on Saturday, September 28th, 2013 at 11:02 pm in Blogs, Inspirations

NDEs: Evidence for the survival of consciousness after death 


On Monday, September 23rd, the Carribean Radio Show by Dr. Richardson,  Dottie Clark, Producer, & Rudi Rudenski, Host, share three hours of Near-Death Experience (NDE) and similar information.  During the first hour, Becki Hawkins described  her 30 years’ experience as a hospice nurse and chaplain witnessing hundreds of patients facing death.  These stories in her book Transitions: A Nurse’s Education About Life And Death.


I was on the program for the concluding two  hours, talking about: my NDE, my journey and transformation, my insights about life, our purpose and our trials, the importance of forgiveness and self-responsibility, the changes that are in process, and the trials and promise of end of the great cycle.   I was shown the interconnectedness of all things and their unity, that life happens for us as well as to us, and that love is the underlying purpose and fabric of creation.

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