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Bio:  Beverly Brodsky’s adult near-death experience (NDE), which happened 41 years ago, revealed to her everything that matters about life.  Her account is the concluding one in Dr. Kenneth Ring’s book Lessons from the Light (2006), as the most complete in his collection. She is also featured in four other books.  She has run support and education groups about near-death and similar experiences on both coasts for 22 years and presently runs the San Diego chapter of IANDS.

A Vassar graduate, retired Federal analyst, near-death and other extraordinary experience researcher, Science of Mind and Spirit minister, and acclaimed international speaker, Beverly is fascinated by the overwhelming evidence for the survival of consciousness after death.  She has been featured in four  documentaries, has given numerous live and internet programs and workshops, and is working on her first book.  She is an advisor to the  Board of a new non-profit, ACISTE (the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences). Beverly is uniquely qualified to offer guidance and comfort in the areas of death and dying, near-death and other spiritually transformative experience, altered states of consciousness, and the reality of spirit and the spiritual realms.

In her capacity as near-death group leader, she has heard hundreds of accounts of first-hand experiences, counselled many people about them, and answered the profound questions this brings up for many of all religions about the meaning of life.

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  1. Beverly’s experience is the classic mystical path that ends in the Void; or what
    Christians call the Godhead, the ultimate mysterium coniunctions.

    Comment by Kurt Forrer on July 17, 2013 at 10:53 pm

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